Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WSTK-ITV Zazzle Store Fundraising Outreach


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The staff of WSTK-ITV of Greater Boston would like to extend a fund raising invitation to our friends, family, and subscribers of our video's here on the You Tube Channel, WSCIRO. As you may know by now we are not only Sky Angel Reseller's, we are distributors of Zazzle Products. Did you ever have a desire to serve the poor in Africa, create products that benefit failing economic systems throughout the world, encourage church groups, ministerial outreach associations, community social groups wanting to solve social crisis such as unemployment, Aids, Autism, etc. but lacked the proper funding to do so? Well if you answered yes to any of these questions you have come to the right place.

The staff here at WSTK-ITV on the You Tube Channel WSCIRO would like to raise funds as media missionaries with three purposes in mind to help you raise funds for your ministries and to raise funds for our multi-media ministry outreach while at the same time helping the poor and disabled throughout the world.

You are probably asking yourselves how? Well here it is in a nutshell.

If you create a Zazzle account from our link that we have provided at the top left of this blog directly above our Zazzle gallery and become a Zazzle Associate then when people come to your new Zazzle store site, if they are interested in buying something from your product line that you designed, and if they want to customize and personalize the item, they can do so and you will get a commission based on the royalty rate that you've established per item in your back office. This has to be at least 10% minimum plus 7 % referral fee for a total of 17% or more depending on your royalty rate all because they went to your store and purchased a product from you even after they customized it.

This approach to fund raising serves two purposes, helps people tap into their creative energies and talents and it provides funds for your ministry and/or business.

On the other hand if you decided that you just want to buy a product from our store to support our media missionary outreach endeavor's and customize the product at the same time, then all you would have to do is click on the product and hit customize and then purchase. We get the credit, you've purchased a gift for that special person and you've walked away feeling good about yourself because you used your talents and skills to bless the economy of Africa and other outreach ministries as well.

Another reason for conducting this fund raising endeavor here on the You Tube Channel is that we are in the process of building a television studio, and we are upgrading all of our equipment and the total cost is going to be about $30,000.00. And when you create with us you literally become a part of the WSTK-ITV family in a special way and then we get the joy of establishing you in your fund raising opportunities as a result of you signing up under our link located at the top left hand corner of this blog directly on top of our Zazzle Gallery. Sounds good, eh, well then come aboard and create with us. Oh, and one more thing, we are non-profit so you know what that means, you can purchase from as little as $3.80 to $250.00 or more from our product line by either directly buying our products or customizing your own according to your specifications or preferences than you can write this off as a donation on your taxes because we have a 501(c3) status under Seek Christian Teaching and Worship Center, Inc. Once we have received a notification of your purchase, we will send to you a receipt. Sounds good well christmas is coming shop now and bless the people of Africa.

If each one of you who are media missionaries have a talent in the arts and wanted to make posters from your logos or paintings that you created come on board. There are also other products that you can create from mugs to postal stamps.

The initial investment fee that you would have to pay is your time and talent. So we urge you to not bury your talents in the sand and come aboard the multimedia band wagon of Zazzle and create with us and with one purpose in mind and that is to serve your fellow man and to bring the Kingdom of God to the media in a unique way one person at a time. Below is a link to EDUN LIVE apparel, founded by Bono and Ali Hewson to drive sustained employment to the Sub Saharan region of Africa. Click on the link below to see what you can do!